Tri Comp prides itself in delivering the best, to the best. Some of our current corporate clients include:

Watkins Syndicate Singapore Private Limited, Access Professional (S) Private Limited, The Singapore Association of Mental Health, Mayer Marketing Private Limited, APS Swim School, NorthWest Interior Design Private Limited, Newline Asia Services Private Limited, and many moreā€¦


Our Manpower, Your Strength

Our small, yet dedicated team consists of 4 full-time, and fully certified engineers. We are available on-site or off-site, 24/7 round the clock.

Our engineers are fully trained with qualifications in:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) and
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Client Listing

Access Precision Tools Pte Ltd
Access Professional (S) Private Limited
Acecom Technologies Pte Ltd
Advance Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd
Advancetech Engineering Pte Ltd
Aicep Portugal Global
Air Builder Pte Ltd
Alliance 21 Pte Ltd
Alpha1 Pte Ltd
Amber Compounding Pharmacy Pte Ltd
Amlin Singapore Pte Ltd
Analytical Systems Engineering Pte Ltd
Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)
Animal World Pte Ltd
APS Swim School
Aqua-Nautic Specialist
Aquatech Products and Services Pte Ltd
Architects Venture
Argenta Underwriting Asia Pte Ltd
Artus Consultancy Services Pte Ltd
Ascot Underwriting Asia (Private Limited)
AV Concept Singapore Pte Ltd
Beijing No. 1
Biomedical Sciences Institutes
C.K. Tang Limited
C+ H Associates Pte Ltd
Camtec Marketing Services Pte Ltd
Canopy Design Pte Ltd
CenturyOne Singapore Pte Ltd
Chaucer Singapore Pte Ltd
CHIJ Katong Convent
China Eversave Limited
Ching Ching,Pek Gan & Partners
Chong Boon Secondary School
Civica Pte Ltd
Columbia Business School
Conval Oilfield Services Pte Ltd
Cost Plus Electromart Pte Ltd
D.Cohere Creation (C&A ERA)
D2 Architects Planners Designers
Defu Furniture Pte Ltd
Derocks Trading Pte Ltd
Dimensions Commercial School Pte Ltd
Diverse Solutions Pte Ltd
DRC Engineering Pte Ltd
EC Tan Furniture & Construction Pte Ltd
EDG Consulting Pte Ltd
EdgeWorks Solutions Pte Ltd
Egalite Maritime Pte Ltd
Egalite Hawkins Investments Pte Ltd
Egalite Marketing Pte Ltd
Elara Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Eliot Engineering
En Holdings Pte Ltd
Energie Business Solutions Pte Ltd
Engineers 9000 Pte Ltd
Estima Consulting (Singapore) Pte Ltd
EuroBuild Pte Ltd
Evergreen Landscape and Construction Pte Ltd
Ezylink Pte Ltd
Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd
Fidelity Corporate Services Pte. Ltd.
Forever Young Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd
FOS Management Services Pte Ltd
FOS Shipyard Pte Ltd
FP Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Full-Mask Technologies Pte Ltd
Gassan Singapore Pte Ltd
Gems & Tassels Pte Ltd
Gold Ocean Restaurants Pte Ltd
Hardy Underwriting Asia Pte Ltd
Hee Theng Fong & Co.
Heritage Beverages Asia Pte Ltd
Hock Hai Civil Engineering & Building Pte Ltd
I’m Technologies Ltd
Icon Builder Services Pte Ltd
iei-Vision Solutions Pte Ltd
Inner City Office (S) Pte Ltd
Janco Impex Pte Ltd
Jansen SC International Pte Ltd
Jett Airlines Cargo Pte Ltd
Jetwind Printing & Packaging Pte Ltd
JF+K Associates
JNC Line (S) Pte Ltd
Jurong Barrels & Drums Industries Pte Ltd
Jusdan Global Trading Pte Ltd
Just Green Food
JVL Engineering Pte Ltd
Kelington Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Keppel Club
Kiln Singapore Pte Limited
Kim Poo Engineering Construction Pte Ltd
KIMS Associates Pte Ltd
Kindermusik Asia Pte Ltd
Kindly Construction & Services Pte Ltd
Kong Hwee Iron Works
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
KS Drilling
Kyowa Hakko Kirin (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Labo-Medica Pte Ltd
Lee & Ong Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd
Lewa Pte Ltd
Lincotrade & Associates Pte Ltd
Lingholm Pte Ltd
Lloyd’s Australia Limited
Lloyds’s Of London (Asia) Pte Ltd
M3 Marketing & Engineering Services
Marine Engine & Transmission Services Pte Ltd
Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd
McWell International Holding Pte Ltd
Methodist Co-Operative Society Ltd
Miele Pte Ltd
Moda Paolo Pte Ltd
Mok Lee Bakery Machinery Pte Ltd
Monic Resources Pte Ltd
Muslimin Trust Fund Association
Mutts & Mittens Pte Ltd
Mutual Healthcare Medical Clinic
Nana’s Green Tea Pte Ltd
Neptune Court Owner’s Association
New AtomTech Pte Ltd
New Dream International Investments Pte Ltd
New Line Hair Salon
New Multi Foodstuff
Newline Asia Services Pte Limited
NorthWest Interior Design Pte Ltd
NS United Tanker Pte Ltd
NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited
Nu Steel Pte Ltd
Nyam Colon Rectal & General Surgery
Nyam Endoscopy Pte Ltd
Odyssey Reinsurance Company
Old DongBei Restaurant Pte Ltd
Orange Grove Capital Management Pte Ltd
Orient Natural Resources Pte Ltd
Orient Pearl Goods & Services Pte Ltd
Our Music Studio
Paradise Dynasty Pte Ltd
Paradise Group Holdings Pte Ltd
Paradise Inn Pte Ltd
Pastry Mart Pte Ltd
PIC Investments Pte Ltd
Pillay Orthopaedic Pte Ltd
PJ Partners Pte Ltd
Posh Mattress Boutique
Prime Structures Engineering Pte Ltd
Primeflux Engineering Pte Ltd
QCOM BizSolutions Pte Ltd
Rabbit Foot Massage and Therapy Pte Ltd
Red Sea Aquarium (Pte) Ltd
Ref-Tech Refrigeration Services Pte Ltd
Refinery Media Pte Ltd
Regal Lamination Pte Ltd
Resource Empire Consultancy
Rhapsody Concept Pte Ltd
Ridgeline Technology Pte Ltd
Ritz Diamond & Jewellery Pte Ltd
Riveria Marketing Pte Ltd
RPI Quantity Surveyors Pte Ltd
Salt Singapore Pte Ltd
Salt Tapas Pte Ltd
Santari Pte Ltd
Scandia Shipping(S) Pte Ltd
Schaller Automation Pte Ltd
Sealand Resources Pte Ltd
Segway Sentosa Pte Ltd
Seiwa Technologies Asia Pte Ltd
Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd
SEPL Global Pte Ltd
Sequoia Associates Pte Ltd
SH Integrated Services Pte Ltd
SH International Pte Ltd
Shokuraku International Pte Ltd
Shuan Shin Trading Pte Ltd
Si Ling Primary School
Signet Technology Pte Ltd.
Singapore Institution of Safety Officers
Singapore International Auction Holdings
Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Pte Ltd
Singapore Saizeriya Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Swimming Association
Six Planes Pte Ltd
Smooth Ways Auto Center
SoftBank Telecom Singapore Pte Ltd
Sovereign Business Integration plc (USD)
Speedo Motoring Pte Ltd
Starland Construction Pte Ltd
Steellant Pte Ltd
Suntec Real Estate Consultants Pte Ltd
SweetDream Marketing Pte Ltd
SystemTech Solutions Pte Ltd
T2 Tech Pte Ltd.
Tactic Engineering Pte Ltd
Talbot Risk Services Pte Ltd
Tech-System Design & Contract (S) Pte Ltd
Techgems Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Teck Hock Construction Engineering PteLtd
TeleRadio Engineering Pte Ltd
Temasek Junior College
Thai-Pore Enterpise Pte Ltd
The Slip Pte Ltd
Trans Island Medical Group
Trim Systems Pte Ltd
TSK Engineering Pte Ltd
TYH Manufacturing Pte Ltd
TYH Marketing Pte Ltd
U-Court International
Underwater Technology Services (S) Pte Ltd
Union Alloy (Pte) Ltd
Urological Clinic
Validus Reinsurance Ltd
VPT Pte Ltd
Warabi Enterprise
Watkins Syndicate Singapore Pte Ltd
Yantai-Raffles Shipyard Pte Ltd
YE Glass Trading Co. Pte. Ltd.
YES Supermarket Pte Ltd
Yew Hock Automation Service & Control Pte Ltd
Yi Shan Vegetarian Products
Yushi-Seihin Co. Ltd
YKL Pte Ltd